Cybility Savvy

E23- Corporate Governance in the Cyber Age

January 19, 2023 Michala Liavaag Episode 23
Cybility Savvy
E23- Corporate Governance in the Cyber Age
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In this episode, Michala Liavaag talks with Clare McGill Sharpe, about the current challenges facing corporate governance and cybersecurity in a global charity context.

 Clare works as the Corporate Governance Manager at the charity Sightsavers, and volunteers as a trustee at the Brighton Yoga Foundation.

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Getting on board:

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Book: boards that make a difference

Book: The charity’s trustees handbook 


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What challenges are you seeing at the moment?
How are cybersecurity risks playing out?
Security friction
What is different about corporate governance in different countries?
What is a difference between the Data Protection Act, GDPR, and the NGDPR?
What is different for Board Member responsibilities across the world?
Is choosing the strictest requirements excessive?
Is there an uptake of boards interest in cybersecurity?
What questions are top of mind for board members?
What changes have you seen in information security training for board members?
What internal communication methods are effective to support board members?
Should there be one board member that champions cybersecurity?
How do you translate what you do in your day job to being a trustee?
An ambassador for cybersecurity
What advice would you give for aspiring trustees?
Claire's suggestions
How to get people to think about security?